Bedding Plant Food

Nature’s Creation® Bedding Plant Food is an or­ganic manure free formula blended specifically for blooming plants to keep your landscape color healthy and flowering all sea­son long.  Our formula contains a blend of Alfalfa, Cottonseed Meal, Sulfate of Potash CalPhos Soft Rock Phosphate, Magnesium Mica and Molasses. The CalPhos Soft Rock Phosphate is unique in being more readily available than regular hard rock phosphate and is not as subject to runoff as chemical phosphate fertilizers. We have added a biological booster package with eleven strains of mycorrhizal fungi. The end result being efficient nutrient uptake, increased drought and stress toler­ance, and superior disease resistance for beautiful flowers season after season.



New Flower Beds: Blend into the top 3-4 inches of soil at the rate of 3 lbs. per 75 square feet.

Transplants: Immediately after planting sprinkle one to two tablespoons around the base of each plant and water thoroughly.   For larger plants up to one or two gallons, apply 1/2 cup per plant and water thoroughly.

Established Flowers: Broadcast monthly during the season with 3 lbs. per 100 square feet. Apply when plants are dry. Water thoroughly after application being careful to wash all fertilizer particles off leaves.

Flower Bulbs: Mix one tablespoon with soil at the bottom of each hole at planting.

NC154  3 lb.



• With Mycorrhizal Fungi

• Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate

• Manure Free