Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer 6-1-2

100% Natural

Clean, Uniform Pellets

Pleasant Smelling

No Animal Byproducts

No Biosolids

Slow Release Nitrogen

Never Burns

Nature’s Creation® Premium Natural Lawn Food 6-1-2  is a unique, all natural, plant food that provides exceptional results for  lawns, vegetable gardens, annuals and perennials.

The easy to spread pellets expand after water is applied to release their nutrition content to feed hungry plants and naturally occurring soil microorganisms. As these beneficial microorganisms grow and thrive, they process organic matter and minerals present in the soil into elemental nutrients readily absorbed by plant roots.

The ingredients are blended into uniform, easy to spread pellets that are virtually dust free when applied with a rotary or drop spreader.

Our proprietary formula contains:

• Cottonseed Meal

• Alfalfa Meal

• Sunflower Meal

• Soybean Meal

• Dried Cane Molasses

• Rice Bran

• Corn Gluten Meal

• Diatomaceous Earth

• Soybean Oil

• Langbeinite

• Magnesium Mica

• Sulfur

• Iron Sulfate

• Iron Amino Acid Complex

• Zinc Amino Acid Complex,

• Manganese Amino Acid Complex



Scott’s Speedy Green 1K-2k-3K 13

Scott’s Easy Green                     32

Ortho                                            7

Republic EZ                                16

Lawn Crafter (Quaker)                32

Ames Earthway                           25

Red Devil                                    19

Ferti-lome Deluxe                       15

Approximate Spreader Settings


Scott’s Accugreen 1K-2K-3K      10

Republic EZ                                 9

Lawn Crafter (Quaker)                 9

Ames Earthway                          23

Red Devil                                    12


NC152 30 lb. Bag


NC153 40 lb. Bag