Ravishing Roses

Nature’s Creation® Ravishing Roses uses a manure free, Alfalfa Meal/Cottonseed Meal base long prized by rosarians for its near perfect release of nitrogen and other nutrients that roses thrive on. We use CalPhos Soft Rock Phosphate to provide a natural available form of phosphorus to boost bloom production. In addition, we have added our biological booster package of eleven strains of mycorrhizal fungi.  This group of fungi multiply and form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the host plant. Their benefits include increased nutrient uptake, drought tolerance and disease resistance. Everything is combined into easy to spread homogeneous granules.



Transplanting: Mix 1 tablespoon per each inch of hole diameter into bottom of hole and thoroughly mix with soil (do not over apply).


After Pruning: Mix one to two cups of fertilizer per plant into the soil around the base of each plant. Continue to feed monthly during the growing season at the rate of approximately 3/4 cup per plant through September. Always mulch roses thoroughly.

NC156   3 lb.



• With Mycorrhizal Fungi

• Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate

• Manure Free