Turf Food with Mycorrhizal Fungi 4-2-2

Poultry Based Formula

Chemical Free

Clean, Uniform Granules

No Biosolids

Slow Release Nitrogen

Never Burns

Contains Four Different

Strains of Mycorrhizal Fungi

The formulators of Nature’s Creation® wanted to provide the consumer with the best poultry based lawn and turf food. We are proud to present Nature’s Creation® Natural Lawn Food 4-2-2.  The clean, uniform, easy to spread prills are made to the highest standards for virtually dust free application.

Our 4-2-2 is unique. It is fortified with the four most important strains of Mycorrihizal fungi. Colonizing around the plant roots, Mycorrhizal fungi multiply and form a symbiotic relationship with the host plant. They send fine filaments out into the surrounding soil where they take in moisture and nutrients which become available to the plant. The plant, in turn, provides the fungi nutrition in the form of natural sugars and starches.


Scott’s Speedy Green 1K-2k-3K 13

Scott’s Easy Green                     32

Ortho                                            7

Republic EZ                                16

Lawn Crafter (Quaker)                32

Ames Earthway                           25

Red Devil                                    19

Ferti-lome Deluxe                       15

Approximate Spreader Settings


Scott’s Accugreen 1K-2K-3K      10

Republic EZ                                 9

Lawn Crafter (Quaker)                 9

Ames Earthway                          23

Red Devil                                    12


NC151 40 lb. Bag